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7th/8th Homework




This week: Test Fixes due Tuesday, Unit 13 workbook due Friday, take test Friday

7th grade spelling list (all year)- 7th-complete-spelling-list

8th grade spelling list (all year)- 8th-complete-spelling-list

The bold words (the first 20) are what we take a test on each week. Words spelled incorrectly on the test must be rewritten correctly as many times as words spelled wrong.  [Examples: Two words wrong means you write each incorrect word twice.  Five words wrong means you write each word five times.]

Earth Science PowerPoints:

1- Four Branches of Earth Science, Scientific Method

2-Models and Measurements 


4- Forming Minerals

Next Test: Rocks and Minerals Test, TBD

Note: is a good program to use to make a video if you’re not sure how!

Ancient History PowerPoints:

1- Mongol Empire

2- Ottoman Empire

3- Mughal Empire 

Next Test Asia Test, TBD

Projects Due