Church Bulletin


Protocol for Public Worship during COVID-19, beginning 6/6/20

  • Those who are ill are asked to stay home. We plan to continue to put our services on line each week.
  • Those in attendance are required to wear face masks.
  • Please enter the front (South) door and exit the side (West) door.
  • Bibles have been removed from the pews.
  • Social Distancing of 6 feet needs to be practiced between those not of the same household family.
  • Thus, every other pew will be labeled, “Don’t use this pew.”
  • The drinking fountain will be covered up.
  • Please use the restroom.
  • Offerings will be placed in an offering box in the narthex and will be brought up front during the offeratory.
  • No food will be served.
  • For communion, we will use a continuous line with families separated by 6 feet. Those serving communion will first sanitize their hands and will wear masks and gloves.  Please extend your hand to receive the wafer and carefully take the individual cup as it is offered.  The chalice will not be used at this time.
  • Symptoms of the virus can include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, and loss of taste or smell.  If in doubt, please don’t come, but be tested.
  • The church will be sanitized after each service. Hand sanitizer will also be available in the entryway.
  • Singing is being discouraged. No choirs will sing.  We still plan to sing, but the number of hymns and stanzas will be shortened.
  • We will not be touching others or shaking hands at this time.
  • The elders and pastor are in charge of seeing that these protocol guidelines are followed.


Immanuel Lutheran Church, Courtland, MN

Pastor:  Rev. Wayne Bernau

Principal:  Mr. Dan Erdman

Teachers: Mrs. Sue Erdman, Mr. Mark Dicke, Miss Emily Heintz, Mrs. Madelaine Lloyd,

Pre-School Teacher: Ms. Missy Fluegge

Bible School Teachers: Cindy Schultz, Kristen Drill, Brenda Hermel, Kathy Blank, Carol Bents

Contact Information

Pastor’s Office Hours:  10:30 – 11:30 a.m.  Tuesday – Friday       

Church Phone:   359-2505        Facebook:   ImmanuelCourtland

Church Office E-Mail address:

School & Church web site: 

Mission Statement: 

  “The mission of Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church and School is to remain steadfast in the true Word of God as spoken in the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions, to preach, teach, and train people for righteous living, to nurture the faith of its members through the Word of God and the Sacraments, and to faithfully proclaim that Word of Law and Gospel to the community in which God has placed on us.”

The Lord’s Supper is a special celebration of the Gospel of God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation. This sacred meal is for those who repent of their sins, believe in Jesus as their Savior, and who hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness. Communion is also a holy union of God with His people and His people with each other. VISITORS who are members of LC-MS congregations are welcome to commune with us. Other visitors please check with Pastor before communing with us, or consult with blue folder in the pew Bibles for more info.     ****Communion is celebrated the first and third Sundays of each month. During the summer we also celebrate on the corresponding Saturday evenings of these first and third Sundays at 6:30 PM.

**There will be a Drive-UP communion. After communion is taken inside, Pastor and an Elder will come out under the canopy in the front of the church and administer communion at that time. 

November 22nd, 2020
LAST Sunday of the Church Year/Christ the King Sunday

  • Order of Worship:    LSB p. 184


    Hymns:           893,      515,      845,    711


    Scripture Readings:   Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24       I Corinthians 15:20-28     Matthew 25:31-46

    Sermon Topic:      “Ready for the Final Judgment?”       Matthew 25:31-46

    Weekly Bible Verse:    “And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”  Matthew 25:31-46

    Our Daily Prayer:     Lord Jesus,  we believe that You will come to be our Judge. We therefore pray You to help Your servants, whom You have redeemed with Your precious blood.  Make them to be numbered with Your saints in glory everlasting.  Amen.


    Our Prayer Requests include:

    • For grace to be ready for the final judgment.
    • For a safe and healthy holiday as we give thanks.
    • For the many, many affected by COVID.
    • For a blessed Thanksgiving.

Welcome to Worship, where the Lord feeds us with His Word and shelters us in His love. Visitors please sign our guest register and come again soon.  Children, please help yourselves to a Bible Busy Bag in the entryway, and a Children’s Weekly Busy Bulletin located next to the adult bulletins.


SUN –                  9:30                    AM           Sunday Morning Service  

                        10:30               AM      Adult Bible Study on the Apostles’ Creed

                             DISTANCE LEARNING at ILS continues.

TUES –             9:00                AM      Confirmation  with Microsoft Teams


THURS –         9:30                AM      Thanksgiving Day Morning Service

FRI –                                                    NO SCHOOL

SUN –                9:30               AM      Sunday Morning Service

                        10:30               AM      Adult Bible Study on the Apostles’ Creed



      1. Elder: Gary Pehling  (507-340-7465)
      2. Organist/Pianist: Madelaine Lloyd
      3. AV Coordinator: Vicky Harmening
      4. AV Operator November 22nd: Glenda Beeck
      5. AV Operator November 26th: Gina Harmening
      6. AV Operator November 29th: Glenda Beeck
      7. Altar Committee: November – Joyce Brandes
      8. Altar Committee: December – Kathy Green & ________________ 


    1. For those members of Immanuel who are not comfortable or cannot come into church and being enclosed with a group of people, our church has an FM transmitter. You can tune into your radio for 87.9FM in our church parking lot during our service.
    2.  Please remember that our protocol for worship during COVID requires us wearing masks, unless there is a medical exception. Also, please have your mask covering your nose as well as your mouth. Thank you, as we strive to stay healthy and helpful!

          Please remain social-distanced–at least 6 feet from those not part of your immediate family. We are trying hard to keep everyone safe & healthy!

    3. Please place your offerings in the black box at the entrance to our sanctuary. No offering plates will be passed around. The offerings will be brought to the altar during the offertory time.

        1. Today, on the Lutheran Hour we look to the book of Daniel 7:1-14 and listen to Speaker Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler on a message titled, “Politics in Perspective.” Political turmoil is nothing new and political security is only temporary.  We can’t escape politics. However, Dr. Michael Zeigler offers good news of a kingdom that cannot be overthrown and will never pass away.     Next week the message is titled, “Magnum Opus.”

        Listen to The Lutheran Hour    at 6:05 a.m.  Sunday, on WCCO – Minneapolis 830 AM

                                                            Or                 listen on your computer:


        1. SANTA IS STILL COMING! SANTA IS STILL COMING! The Courtland Lions are still sponsoring a visit from Santa in the Courtland Lions Park  THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, from 5:30 pm—6:00 pm.   NO one but Santa and his helpers will be allowed in the park. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CARS.  Leave your wish list for Santa in his special mailbox by the east entrance to the park. Include name, age, & address. Santa & Mrs. Claus will arrive via a Fire Truck!  Santa will turn on the Holiday Lights with Mrs. Claus directing the countdown!! before they leave.  Info located in the entryway.


        1. ATTENTION For all interested in the Ladies Bible Study: We are going to Zoom meetings on Thursdays, December 3, 10 and 17.  They will meet at 6:30 pm.  If people would like to join please contact Emily Heintz at the following address: 



        “It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to God most high.”  (Psalm 92:1)  While it is challenging to meet during this COVID spike, we hope many will join us this Thanksgiving Day for our 9:30 AM service at Immanuel.  It will do your soul good to praise the Lord!

        1. The Nicollet Blood Drive will be held at the American Legion in Nicollet on Monday, December 7, 202 from 1pm – 7 pm. The host for this Blood Drive is St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Nicollet, MN.  All donors must wear masks; See the poster on the bulletin board for more information. 


        1. Worship attendance Saturday Evening Service 11/14/20  —   28
        2. Loose plate offering – $ 24.00, Mission Offering – $80.00,  Guatemala – $.00
        3. Worship attendance Sunday Morning Service 11/15/20  —   49
        4. Loose plate offering – $ 66.00, Mission Offering – $10.00,  Guatemala – $.00
        5. Bi-weekly budget needs — $18,019.23; Money from Gen. Envelopes — $10,865.00