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7th/8th Homework




Parents, below you will find links to all the spelling sorts of the year (aka spelling lists). If you would like to know more about how to help your child study for the test, read this parent letter about the Words Their Way spelling curriculum.

Spelling sorts for the year: SA sorts 20-40, SA sorts 41-55DR sorts 1-38Vocabulary Word Sorts (Weeks 1-30)

Yellow– SA48

Orange– DR23

Red– V15&16

Earth Science:

1- Weathering

2- Soil Conservation

4- Moving Water

5- Stream and River Deposits

6- Shoreline Erosion

7- Wind Erosion

8- Ice Deposition and Erosion

9- Gravity and Erosion

Next Test: Erosion Test, Wednesday, 1/29, Earth Science Study Guide #3- Erosion and Deposition

Ancient History:

1-2- Byzantine Empire, Crusades

3- The Black Death

4- End of the Middle Ages

Next TestCrusades Movie Poster Instructions and Rubric due Tuesday, Feb. 4th