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English: www.writingcity.com username: first.last 

NaNo: Helpful Websites

MN History: Minnesota Industries project rubric, due mid-February TBD

6- The Land Changes Hands

7- Minnesota’s Newcomers

9- Minnesota’s Civil War

11- Flour, Lumber, and Iron


1- Matter

2- Molecules

3- Chemical Reactions

6- Mixtures

7- Separating Mixtures

8- Energy Molecules

Memory Work:

Memory Work for the year: 5th and 6th memory 2020-2021

This week: 1st Petition/meaning

Want music to help you memorize? Youtube playlist of hymns, Youtube playlist of Catechism memory or buy the CD of music from Concordia


This weekWeek 16


Parents, below you will find links to all the spelling sorts of the year (aka spelling lists). Your child should know what group he/she is in. If you would like to know more about how to help your child study for the test, read this parent letter about the Words Their Way spelling curriculum.

WWP sorts 37-45

SA sorts 1-19, SA sorts 20-40SA sorts 41-55

DR sorts 1-38, Word Sorts for Vocabulary book


Purple: DR22

Blue: V17&18

Other Resources: