Supply Lists


To share:
1 box of Kleenex
1 container Lysol wipes, if available
2 rolls paper towels

To keep in your child’s cubby:
1 complete set of clothes in a large Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name
2 fitted crib or toddler bed sheets
1 small pillow
1 small blanket
1 backpack

Labeled with your child’s name:
1 washable watercolor paint set
1 glue bottle
3 large glue sticks
1 box of regular-sized crayons (no jumbo crayons, please)
1 box of washable markers
1 blunt-tipped scissors

* A plastic shoebox will be provided to store your child’s personal school supplies.


1 box Crayola Crayons (24 or less)
1 large bottle of Elmer’s Glue
2 containers of Lysol wipes (if available)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer (labeled)
1 plastic kindergarten rest mat (labeled)
4 different color pocket folders
4 pencils
1 scissors (preferably fiskars-blunt end)
1 small pillow and beach towel or blanket
1 washable watercolor paint set (Crayola works best)
4 large glue sticks (may need more later in the year)
1 complete set of clothes in a large baggie with you child’s name on it
1 extra face mask to be kept in school (please label and put in baggie)
1 school box
1 set of washable markers
1 pair white soled gym shoes
2 rolls paper towels
1 large package of napkins
1 set of colored pencils
1 school bag
2 boxes of Kleenex

*Please put your child’s name on everything!!!

1st-2nd Grades

*Please put your child’s name on all supplies unless otherwise noted with an (*)
1 school box
1 pk washable markers 
1 box of Crayola crayons (24 or less)
Colored pencils
Watercolor paints
2 highlighters
12″ straight-edge ruler (cm and in)
2 folders
2 wide-ruled notebooks
2 pink erasers
*20 #2 pencils (US Gold or Ticonderoga)
*10 glue sticks
Gym shoes
1 extra face mask to keep at school
*2 containers Lysol wipes (if available)

3rd-4th Grades

glue (1 bottle and 3 sticks)
crayons (box of 48 or smaller)
12” ruler with metric measure
school box (not too large)
2 large box of tissue
1 highlighter
markers (8 or 10 pack)
colored pencils (optional)
2 packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule)
NIV Bible (Compliments of Thrivent to 3rd graders)
5 or more #2 pencils
1 container of Lysol wipes
watercolor paints
school bag
2 large erasers
1 red pen or pencil
plastic crate
scissors (preferably Fiskars)
No large binders
2 pocket folders
paint shirt
gym shoes
an extra face mask to keep at school

*Please put name on everything!

5th-6th Grades

4+ spiral bound notebooks (college ruled) 6th graders bring back your reading/writing notebooks
ruler (metric & standard markings)
1 large eraser (or pencil top erasers)
post-it notes
colored pencils
watercolor paint (optional)
crayons (optional)
blue or black pens/whiteout (optional)
1 bottle of liquid glue
6 glue sticks
3 pocket folders
highlighters of varying colors
handheld pencil sharpener
catechism (given to 5th graders through church)
NIV Bible
2 rolls of paper towels (OR 2 containers of disinfectant wipes if available)
2 large boxes of tissue
gym shoes
crate (optional)
an extra face mask to keep at school

7th-8th Grades

3 or 4 family size boxes of Kleenex
loose leaf paper (college)
gym shoes
colored pencils
MUST have 4 RED pens
NIV Bible
#2 pencils
pens (blue or black)
ruler (with metric marking)
an extra face mask to keep at school