7th & 8th Grade Homework

Assignments January 22, 2021


Parents, below you will find links to all the spelling sorts of the year (aka spelling lists). If you would like to know more about how to help your child study for the test, read this parent letter about the Words Their Way spelling curriculum.

Spelling sorts for the year: SA sorts 20-40, SA sorts 41-55DR sorts 1-38Vocabulary Book 1 Word Sorts (V Weeks 1-30), Vocabulary Book 2 Word Sorts (VV Weeks 1-30) 

Yellow– SA37

Orange– DR22

Red– VV17&18


7th and 8th grade Geography Syllabus and Itinerary Info

Next Project DueAsia Project due February 2nd


Next Map Test: Asia Map Test January 28th

Games to study maps: Lizard Point all countries or Sheppard Softward all countries